KYC Endpoint Documentation

KYC Endpoint: Verify Identity

The KYC (Know Your Customer) endpoint enables businesses to verify the identity of their customers by checking provided identification details against various national and international databases. This endpoint supports both comparison and non-comparison checks to ensure the accuracy and authenticity of customer information.

The following data points are collected during user onboarding:

  • First Name: The customer's given name if Comparison is true.
  • Last Name: The customer's family name or surname if Comparison is true.
  • Comparison Flag: A boolean value indicating whether to compare the provided details against existing records.
  • Endpoint Type: Specifies the type of KYC check to be performed.
  • Payload: Contains the specific identification number or document details provided by the customer.

Example Request Bodies:

KYC with Comparison:

"first_name": "Olanrewaju",
"last_name": "AbdulKabeer",
"compare": true,
"endpoint": "KENYA_NATIONAL_ID",
"payload": {
"number": "30247373"

KYC without Comparison

"compare": false,
"endpoint": "KENYA_NATIONAL_ID",
"payload": {
"number": "30247373"

Endpoint URL:

HTTP Method:


  • x-api-key: {{X-API-KEY}} (Replace with your actual API key)

Supported Endpoint Values:

Endpoint CodeCountryPayloadDescription
KENYA_NATIONAL_IDKenya{"number":"ID_NUMBER"}Verify identity using Kenya's national ID number.
KENYA_PASSPORTKenya{"id_number":"ID_NUMBER"}Verify identity using Kenya's passport number.
KENYA_DRIVERS_LICENSEKenya{"number":"ID_NUMBER"}Verify identity using Kenya's drivers license number.
KENYA_ALIEN_KEKenya{"number": "ID_NUMBER"}Verify identity using Kenya's alien id number.
NIGERIA_PHONE_NUMBER_BASICNigeria{"number": "PHONE_NUMBER"}Verify identity using Nigeria's phone number.
NIGERIA_PHONE_NUMBER_ADVANCENigeria{"number": "PHONE_NUMBER"}Verify identity using Nigeria's phone number.
NIGERIA_BANK_VERIFICATION_NUMBER_ADVANCENigeria{"number": "BVN_NUMBER"}Verify identity using Nigeria's Bank Verification Number (BVN) advance response.
NIGERIA_BANK_VERIFICATION_NUMBER_BASICNigeria{"number": "BVN_NUMBER"}Verify identity using Nigeria's Bank Verification Number (BVN) basic response.
NIGERIA_NUMBER_PLATENigeria{"number": "NUMBER_PLATE"}Verify identity using Nigeria's drivers license number.
NIGERIA_TAX_IDENTIFICATION_NUMBERNigeria{"number": "TAX_ID_NUMBER"}Verify identity using Nigeria's tax verification number.
NIGERIA_NINNigeria{"number": "NATIONL_IDENTIFICATION_NUMBER"}Verify identity using Nigeria's National Identification Number number.
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