Phone Intelligence endpoint enables businesses to verify the accuracy of phone numbers and associated data of their customers

The following data points are collected during user onboarding:

  • Number (mandatory)

Response Attributes

AttributeDescriptionResponse TypeMeaning
country_codeTwo-letter ISO code of the mobile phone's registered country.StringExample: US for United States.
country_nameName of the mobile phone's registered country.StringExample: United States.
phone_carrierMobile phone carrier associated with the phone number.StringExample: Verizon, AT&T, etc.
typeType of phone number.StringIn this case, always "mobile".
dial_codeDial code for the mobile phone's country.StringExample: +1 for the United States.
local_formatPhone number in the format typically used within the country.StringExample: (123) 456-7890 for US mobile numbers.
international_formatPhone number in international format (E.164 format).StringExample: +11234567890 for the US mobile number above.
validWhether the phone number is a valid phone number according to the associated country's standards.Boolean (True/False)True indicates a valid number, False indicates an invalid number.
activeWhether the phone number is currently active and able to receive calls/texts.Boolean (True/False)True indicates an active number, False indicates an inactive number.
disposableWhether the phone number is likely a disposable number (e.g., temporary phone number service).Boolean (True/False)True indicates a possible disposable number, False indicates likely not disposable.
suspiciousWhether the phone number is flagged as suspicious based on screening criteria.Boolean (True/False)True indicates potential risk, False indicates no red flags found.
simswapWhether the phone number is suspected to be involved in a SIM swap (unauthorized transfer of phone number).Boolean (True/False)True indicates a possible SIM swap, False indicates no evidence of SIM swap.
online_profilesList of online profiles associated with the phone number (if any).ListCurrently always an empty list, indicating no linked profiles were found. Functionality for finding linked profiles might be added in the future.
is_blacklistedWhether the phone number is blacklisted for spam or other malicious activities.Boolean (True/False)True indicates a blacklisted number, False indicates not blacklisted.
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